Section: Environments, Tables, and Troff Macros (7)
Updated: 04 September 2014
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groff_mom - groff `mom' macros  


[ -Tps [pdfroff options] ] [groff options] files ... [ -mom ] files ... [ -m mom ] files ...  


mom is a macro set for groff, designed primarily to format documents for PDF and PostScript output.

mom provides two categories of macros: macros for typesetting, and macros for document processing. The typesetting macros provide access to groff's typesetting capabilities in ways that are simpler to master than groff's primitives. The document processing macros provide highly customizable markup tags that allow the user to design and output professional-looking documents with a minimum of typesetting intervention.

Files processed with pdfmom (man(1) pdfmom), with or without the -Tps option, produce PDF documents. The documents include a PDF outline that appears in the 'Contents' panel of document viewers, and may contain clickable internal and external links.

When -Tps is absent, groff's native PDF driver, gropdf, is used to generate the output. When given, the output is still PDF, but processing is passed over to pdfroff, which uses groff's PostScript driver, grops. Not all PDF features are available when -Tps is given; its primary use is to allow processing of files with embedded PostScript images.

Files processed with groff -mom (or -m mom ) produce PostScript output by default.

mom comes with her own very complete documentation in HTML format. A separate PDF manual, Producing PDFs with groff and mom, covers full mom/PDF usage.  


- the main macro file
mom.tmac - a wrapper file that calls om.tmac directly.
- entry point to the HTML documentation
- the PDF manual, Producing PDFs with groff and mom
- example files using mom


was written by Peter Schaffter
PDF support was provided by Deri James

Please send bug reports to the groff-bug mailing list or directly to the authors.